With its sweet infectious melodies, memorable riffs and compelling story telling The Secret City makes an impact on the first listen. Their music is an original blend of folk, pop, soul, funk and rock. The name of the band is as intriguing as the music itself.  “For us, ‘The Secret City’ isn’t a physical place that exists somewhere” states guitarist Brendan Morello.  “When we refer to ‘The Secret City’ we are referring to a place inside of us, a sacred place.  It’s kind of spiritual. Everyone has this place within side them but not everyone knows how to access it.”

As a live act The Secret City is a bad-ass combination of three dynamic performers at the front of the stage. These performances are electric and engaging, bringing the audience to a frenzy with unexpected passion and power. The Secret City are backed up by a revolving cast of Bass players, drummers, keyboardists and programmers.

The band has toured consistently over the past two years, making strong impacts in Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland and has been played regularly on radio stations around Australia and the world.


The Songwriting Team


Lead singer Rusty Lynch and lead guitarist Brendan Morello have had a long association. Brendan and Rusty met at University shortly after leaving school and were always talking music in and out of class. One day Brendan suggested that they have a jam and Rusty agreed to going over to Brendan’s house one Saturday afternoon. As it happens, the jam was quite uneventful, with no real sparks flying.  A little while later, Brendan left the course to pursue another degree.

It wasn’t until years later that the pair bumped into each other several times over the course a couple of weeks. After the third time that they bumped into each other by coincidence, they agreed to have a jam and see how it would go this time. Immediately they had a powerful creative experience, writing three songs in the space of a few hours. The creative journey has continued ever since, with the pair having written close to 100 songs and recorded several albums and EPs under different bandnames.

Meet the Band


Rusty Lynch – Lead Singer / Songwriter



Rusty Lynch is a powerful singer and dynamic performer. The vocals are often the centrepiece of The Secret City’s music, with great melodies, powerful hooks and engaging lyrics. The songs generally tell a story and evoke strong mental imagery. When Rusty is onstage, he makes it his mission to entertain, thrill and delight the crowd with unexpected twists and turns.

Brendan Morello – Lead Guitarist / Songwriter



B rendan Morello is the band’s guitarist and the origin of the conception of the songs. His interesting and unique guitar riffs and chord structures give the band its unique sound. He is also a spontaneous and natural performer when he hits the stage. At any one time it is uncertain what Brendan will do. Keep your eye on him when he’s on a roll, he’s off the hook!

Morgan Murphy – Back Up Vocals / Percussion


Sitting in a cafe in Marrickville one day, Rusty overheard a girl singing to a friend close by at the cafe. It was clear that the girl was a professional and before the girl left, Rusty decided that it would be a good idea to chat to her and see if she was interested in joining a band. That girl was Morgan Murphy. As it turns out, she loved the music and came to an audition soon after. Since then Morgan has proven herself to be a massive asset to the band, with her powerful stage presence and charisma and great vocal blending. She has toured consistently with the band over the last two years.