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August 18, 2014


Little Darling

  • Little Darling

A glimpse at the elation of romantic love.

Little darling can't decide what dress to wear or what to buy
She's still working out when to sit stand kneel or lie
And all these back and forths
These tos and fros
And wonder whys
These sullen lows and happy highs
Are marvellous to me.

Little darling toss and turn
She's restless in her bed at night
Ruby lips and blue-green eyes
They sparkle in the sunlight
And all this mixing pot
Of bumble bees and laugh-a-lots
These whatsis and soever-whats
Are wonderful to me.

Oh Darling, wait little darling

Little darling wakes me up
To truths we see between the lines
Slaps me in the face
And tinkers with my little mind
And there's no absolutes or arrogance or double binds
No pretence that she hides behind
She's wonderful to me.

repeat second verse

Little darling, wait little darling...

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