Check Out The New “Little Darling” Animation Music Video!




From the animation company Big Cookie Studios comes the music video for The Secret City’s new single Little Darling. This video is a modern day hybrid of animation, story, and music. Set inside an automaton clock, Little Darling tells an enduring love story between two characters who are confined within the clock’s mechanism and their desperate struggle for freedom. They must undertake a perilous adventure in order to be together…
View video here!

Little Darling is the love child of Big Cookie Studios and The Secret City, bringing together and enhancing the creative talents of each. The song Little Darling is the first single from The Secret City’s forthcoming album, to be released later this year. Grammy award nominated producer John Potoker says of The Secret City: “This is some of the best music I have heard in the last several years”.

Sydney-based CG animation house Big Cookie Studios has poured the skills of an amazing creative team into this unique project. The beautiful animation and heartfelt  storyline of Little Darling will surely enchant and delight viewers from all walks of life.



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