Silent Disco Single and Video in Production!


If you love Little Darling, you’re going to cry tears of joy when you hear Silent Disco, the upcoming single from The Secret City. The band has had a lot of fun making this song and are extremely happy with the result. It is upbeat and extremely catchy, designed to get any dance floor moving. Produced by the master, Michael Carpenter at Love Hz Studios and mixed at The Grove Studios by Scott Horscroft, this song freakin pumps!
On top of this, we have just had a sit-down with an amazing creative team that will be making the next TSC video for this song. The story that we developed looks like it’s going to be killer. It will be difficult to follow the brilliant Little Darling video, but this will be our mission.
Keep your eyes open for when this song and video hit the ground!
cropped Brendan

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